Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sunday 6th September. 16:47pm.

Hello world!
My first ever post, and I'm hoping I'm doing this whole thing right.
I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm Loulou, I'm 14 and I'm In year 10 at Dorcan Technology College. I live In a pub called The Castle Inn, which is located In Old Town, Swindon.
Well I would tell you what's gone on today, but I got up exactly 47 minutes ago(I sound like bebo), turned the computer on and led in bed, so It's not very exciting.
I'll tell you about yesterday instead. Well I went to my aunties pub with my mum, and all day and night my aunties been getting me absoloutly bazzokered. I get home, having to work as barstaff, completely oblitered, drinking more an having a fag break every 5 minutes! I ended up with £15 in my pocket somehow, no idea how but heyho! That leaves me £15 up! So all the family friends have been here til half 6 in the morning, we are all absoloutly anilated, and I wake up at exactly 4pm, with no headache and bodies all around my house. I remember hardly anything!! That's what you call a good night!